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At Nordic Property Solutions we find great deals for busy investors. If you are cash rich but time poor or simply don’t have enough knowledge on the property market but know what a good investment looks like, we can help. We offer investment opportunities with  returns in excess of 20% of your investment and a great monthly cashflow.  


We only offer deals with high returns that we find using marketing, networking and great relationships with estate agents enabling us to have access to some of the best off-market deals. And if we have a power team in the investment area we will always put our investors in touch with them.

It’s not just any old property. We work to a strict criteria when sourcing deals. Below is a list of key points we factor in when looking at properties:


  • Amount of money that will be needed to invest 

  • Estimation of refurb costs 

  • Condition of property 

  • Location of property 

  • Estimated rent achievable 

  • Does the property require planning permission or licensing  

Once the property has been found and viewed we will carry out our own due diligence on the property. We will speak to local Agents in the area and do research on estimated achievable rent, comparable sold prices and estimated market value. If the property needs refurbishing we will get estimated quotes from a local building team to factor in to the costs.  

Only once we are happy with the due diligence we have carried out will we pass on a  property to our investors. All of our costs and expenses provided to an investor are always an estimate and never guaranteed. 

We find the deals: Services

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We find the deals: Services
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